Best Bike Shed: Dry, Practical and Secure

Best Bike Shed: Dry, Practical and Secure

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A bike shed is the best place to store your bicycles if you keep them in your garden or yard. And the best bike shed should be secure, weatherproof and practical to use on a daily basis.

As usual there's tons of choice! And as usual I will guide you through the simple steps to find the best one for you.

First of all you need to think about size. Where in your garden or yard will you put the shed? How much space is available there? And most importantly: how many bikes do you want to store in it?

Secondly, you need to think about what it's made from. How do you want it to look? What's your budget? And what sort of security, durability and maintenance levels do you want?

Finally it's time to choose a specific shed based on your requirements and my recommendations!

Of course, if you're still unsure that it's a bike shed you need, check out these bike storage ideas. They're mostly aimed at indoor storage and there's a ton of different options. I'm sure you'll find something you haven't considered!

And if you haven't got room for a shed, you could also combine a good bike cover with a heavy duty lock and ground anchor.

But if you know you want some kind of bike storage shed, let's crack on...

Step 1: What size bike shed do you need?

How many bikes will it store?

What size storage shed you'll need will obviously depend on what exactly you want to keep in there! How many bikes? What size are they? How many accessories will join them?

And perhaps you'd like a bit of space to work on your bikes too? If so, you'll need a place for a bike stand and enough space to work around it.

Now, obviously I don't know the answers to these questions! But if we look at the average bike's dimensions, we can get some idea of the minimum amount of space you'll need and we'll be able to compare different sheds accordingly.

Average adult bike dimensions

Average adult bike dimensions

I go into this in much more detail in what size shed do I need for my bikes. But in summary, these are the shed sizes you'll need for different numbers of average sized, adult bikes:

  • 1 bike needs a 6' x 2' shed
  • 2 bikes needs a 6' x 3' shed
  • 3 bikes needs a 6' x 4' shed (or sometimes 6' x 3')
  • 4 bikes needs a 6' x 5' shed (or sometimes 6' x 4')
  • 5 bikes needs a 6' x 5' shed

Of course these numbers are a general guideline only. You may have a bigger bike. Or a bike with a child seat. You may have a much smaller bike. You may only want to store kids bikes.

Obviously the only answer here is to measure your bikes and everything else you plan to store in the shed!

What I would say is: be generous. The shed needs to be easy to use. And if you have to cram everything in so that there's no room for maneuver, it's going to get really stressful and annoying!

How will I access the bikes?

And remember, it's not just about whether they will actually fit in there. It's also about the process of getting them in and out!

In the ideal shed, each bike could be added and removed without interfering with any of the other bikes already in the shed.

A bike shed with forward access

Forward (or backward) access is the most practical, but less common!

This would mean the bikes go in forwards or backward rather than sideways. Unfortunately there aren't too many bike storage sheds that allow this!

Sideways access is most common but less practical!

If some of your bikes are rarely used this isn't so much of an issue. They can go at the back. But if you have several bikes that are always being used (usually by different people), then it's worth hunting out a shed that does allow forward access.

Location, Location, Location (where will it go?)

Of course it's not just about what you're going to store in the shed. It's also about where you're going to put the shed. And this may restrict the sizes available to you.

Maybe you have limited floor space. Maybe the height will be limited by fence or wall heights or other aesthetic concerns. Maybe there are planning permission restrictions?

You're going to need a dry flat area that not only provides enough space for the shed, but also enough space to easily access and open the doors.

Location and Security

There are also security issues here. A shed in your front garden or yard, which will be visible to everyone who walks past your house is much more at risk than a shed that's hidden away at the back of the house.

However a shed should never be hidden away from you! A shed door that's visible from the house is less attractive to thieves than one where they're able to work on breaking in in private.

A hidden garden shed

Hidden from the thieves or from you?

In the same way, sheds that are closer to the house are safer, as the thief will be more concerned that their activities will disturb you (especially if you have a shed alarm).

In general, I recommend that you position the shed behind the house, away from the street and passing eyes. But close by the back of the house with the doors visible from your rear windows.

Of course this won't be possible for everyone and if you're forced to compromise, I'll talk about extra security measures you can take to nullify the threat later on.

Step 2: What should the bike shed be made of? 

You basically have three choices here: plastic (resin or vinyl), metal, or wood. And each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

However it's worth noting that these qualities can always be increased or reduced by the quality of the particular shed you choose.

Wooden Bike Storage Sheds

Wood is the material that has traditionally been used to make sheds since sheds were invented! And there are many good reasons for this...

Wooden bike shed

Wooden Sheds

  • Attractive looks
  • Easiest to customize and improve
  • Strong and robust
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Require yearly maintenance
  • Not usually very secure
  • Risk of rot, insects and rodents

Wood is relatively cheap, strong, easy to work with and looks fantastic in a garden setting. A well made, well looked after wooden shed will also provide your bikes with great protection from the weather.

Wooden bike sheds come in a vast array of shapes and sizes and they're easy to customise, so you'll always be able to change one so it's exactly how you want it. Or you could of course build your bike shed!

And because they're so easy to work with, there's loads of things you can do to improve the "out of the box" security level.

Wooden bike sheds are really easy to customize!

A wooden bike shed is probably the most environmentally friendly option too (more on this later).

However, wooden sheds do need lots of love and attention! You'll need to re-treat the wood every few years. And even the best wooden sheds will need their roof re-felting eventually.

You may need to put dome effort in to keep rodents, insects and other animals out. And you'll need to watch out for rot which will reduce the security and shorten the life of a wooden shed.

Most importantly the default security level of the vast majority of wooden bike sheds is very poor. So again, you'll need to do something about that (although as I've already mentioned this is very easy).

Overlap Cladding

Overlap Cladding: Bad

Tongue and Groove Cladding

Tongue and Groove Cladding: Good

When choosing a wooden bike shed, make sure the planks are at least 12 mm thick (anything less won't be strong enough) and go for tongue and groove rather than the cheaper and poorer quality overlap cladding.

If you think that wood is the right material for you, check out my guide to wooden bike sheds, where I talk about all this in a lot more detail!

Metal Bike Storage Sheds

Metal sheds have also been around for a long while and although we don't usually think of metal as traditional shed material, for storing bikes it's actually very useful.

Metal bike shed

Metal Sheds

  • Very secure
  • Strong and durable
  • Maintenance free
  • Rot, insect and rodent proof
  • Visually unattractive
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Risk of condensation and rust

The best thing about metal bike sheds is the level of security they provide. A metal shed will protect your bicycles from theft better than any other kind of outside storage solution.

They’re also extremely weather resistant. They won’t fade, crack or bend in the sun. And since they’re really strong, they hold up well against heavy snow and wind.

Metal shed lock

Metal sheds can be very secure. This is an Asgard

A good metal shed, that’s been properly galvanised won’t rust. They’re resistant to rodents, insects and any other animal you can think of.

And just like plastic sheds, they’re virtually maintenance free. A quick wash down with soapy water now and again is all you need to worry about!

However, metal sheds aren’t the prettiest option. They’re also more difficult to customise than wooden sheds. You can’t paint them and it’s more difficult to add shelves and hooks. And if they don’t have decent ventilation, they can suffer from condensation.

Metal shed parts

Metal shed assembly can be daunting!

Most significantly, metal sheds can be a nightmare to assemble! There’s usually a mixture of loads of small, fiddly parts and some really heavy, big parts. And it can take a couple of people a day or more to put everything together.

Also be aware that most metal sheds don’t come with floors. So you’ll need to prepare some kind of level, dry base!

When choosing a metal bike shed, look for panels that a more than 0.25 mm thick (for strength), make sure it’s got decent ventilation (to prevent condensation), and be prepared for a full day or two of assembly.

If you think metal could be the best choice for you, I've written a complete guide to choosing a metal bike shed where I talk about them in much more detail.

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds

Plastic (also called Resin) sheds are the new kids on the block. And they're increasingly popular. 

Plastic bike shed

Plastic Sheds

  • Easy to assemble
  • Weatherproof
  • Maintenance free
  • Rot, insect and rodent proof
  • Can look cheap and "fake"
  • Difficult to customize and improve
  • Less sturdy than the others

Plastic bike sheds are easy. They’re easy to transport (because they’re so light). They’re easy to assemble (because they’re so light and there are so few parts). They’re easy to look after (because they won’t rot or rust).

And they’re also easy to afford (because they’re relatively cheap)!

They’re immune to insects and rodents. Plus the modern plastics are less likely to fade or become brittle and crack in the sun.

Washing a plastic shed

A wash now and again is the only maintenance you need to do!

In fact, they’re pretty much maintenance free. Once they’re assembled all you need to do is give them a wash now and again with warm, soapy water.

However, you wouldn’t call most plastic sheds attractive (aesthetically). They can look cheap and fake. Most of them are impossible to customise. Which means you can’t improve on the (average at best) “out of the box” security levels.

They’re less sturdy than wooden or metal sheds. So they can be damaged by strong winds or heavy snowfall. And hot, direct sun can cause some plastics to bend! Plus, just like metal sheds, they can suffer from condensation if not properly ventilated.

Damaged plastic shed

Plastic sheds tend to be less sturdy than the other types

So when choosing a plastic shed, look for ones with steel supports in the roof and walls (for extra strength), twin walls and ventilation grills (to prevent condensation) and UV protection (to reduce fading and brittleness).

If you think plastic could be the right material for your shed, check out my full guide to buying a plastic bike shed where I talk about all this in more detail.

Metal, Plastic or Wood for Security?

Straight form the factory, metal storage sheds are generally the most secure. Then plastic sheds. And then finally wooden sheds.

Metal is obviously the strongest construction material. Their locks are usually decent. And metal storage units are most often specifically designed for security.

Plastic sheds tend to be slightly more secure than those made from wood, if only because when they're attacked the plastic will bend rather than rip like wood.

But neither plastic or wooden sheds are usually designed with security as a priority. A concerted attack will defeat both of them.

Bike shed security bar

It's easy to boost the security of a wooden bike shed!

The difference is: there's a lot you can do to increase the security of a wooden shed, while with a plastic shed you're much more limited.

So in the end, if you put some effort in, wooden sheds can in fact be far more secure than plastic sheds!

Also, check the bikes are covered by your household insurance policy while stored in your shed. If they're not (or you think the cover is inadequate) then consider specialized bicycle insurance.

Environmental Impact

I think we should consider the environmental impact of all our purchases these days. But as with most things, it's not quite as straightforward as it might first seem!

For sure: wood is the most environmentally friendly building material of the three. Unlike metal or plastic, it pulls carbon from the atmosphere as it grows and stores it for the duration of the shed's life.

So the wood in a wooden shed has a negative carbon footprint. Whereas huge amounts of CO2 and pollutants are produced during the manufacture metal and plastic.

All the plastics and metals used in other sheds can be recycled. And that's all well and good. But don't forget the process of recycling also produces CO2!

Pine forest

Trees store carbon. So wooden sheds have negative carbon footprints!

Having said all that, we have to think about longevity too. How long will your shed last? Which is better a wooden shed that you need to replace every 6 years or one plastic shed that lasts 30 years?

So whichever type of shed you choose, make sure it's good quality and it's built to last. "Buy cheap and buy twice" goes the old saying. Not only is this uneconomical, it's also bad for the environment.

If you choose a wooden shed, make sure the wood is sustainably sourced. Ideally look for wood that comes from close to home with The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation.

And make sure you're committed to maintaining the shed!

But if you choose a metal or plastic shed, buy the best quality you can possibly afford, ideally from an established company that publishes specific, accountable environmental commitments.

Green Roofs?

A “green roof” on your bike shed can actually make a positive environmental impact. Covered with sedum or other plants, it will capture some CO2, increase biodiversity and provide shelter and sustenance for bugs and pollinators.

Plus it will also protect the shed roof from freezing temperatures and sun damage which would otherwise shorten it’s life.

A commercial Green Roof  Cycle Shelter

A commercial Green Roof Cycle Shelter

Many bespoke bike shed companies will offer the option of a green roof. But be careful. Different types provide different levels of environmental impact and a poorly chosen green roof may even die out within a few months!

So it’s worth doing some proper research. Green Roof Shelters for example, place biodiversity at the heart of the design process (rather than as an add on), and have a wealth of material on the most effective approaches to take.

Wooden vs Metal vs Plastic

Wooden Sheds Bar Graph

So wooden sheds are going to appeal to people that prefer traditional looks, that are prepared to do some maintenance work and that are happy to upgrade the utility and security of their sheds themselves.

Metal Sheds Bar Graph

Metal sheds will appeal to those who prioritize high security and low maintenance, that don't care so much about how the thing looks and that are prepared for a potentially challenging assembly process!

Plastic Sheds Bar Graph

And plastic sheds will appeal to people who just want an easy life! They'll want easy assembly, easy maintenance and in general they won't care too much about high security or how the shed looks.

Best Bike Sheds

So by now you should have a good idea of what size shed you'll need and what material it will be made from. Next you'll find some of my top recommendations.

And if you don't like those (!), I've added some tables where you can compare loads of different sheds depending on whether you're in the USA or Europe.

I've split them up like this because the ranges available are very different depending on what side of the pond you're on.

Wooden storage sheds for example, aren't very popular in the US. Whereas in the UK there's tons. Conversely, the range of plastic sheds in America is much greater than in the UK at the moment.

For my specific recommendations I've dismissed the really low price, low quality sheds. As I've already said they're a false economy. And considering the amount of effort you have to put into constructing a shed, you don't want to be doing it again anytime soon (when the first one fails)!

Cheap brands like BillyHo, Rowlinson, Yardmaster and Arrow are best avoided unless you want to give yourself a headache.

Spend a little more, go for quality and you'll get something that will last for many years if properly looked after...

Best Plastic Sheds for 2-3 Bikes

If you're in the UK and have limited space, then the Lifetime 6' x 3.5' is a great choice for storing up to 3 bikes.

It beats my previous choice (the Keter Store-It Out Ultra [Amazon]) because it's slightly longer and significantly more secure. Read a proper review of the Lifetime 6' x 3.5' on the plastic bike shed page!

Lifetime 6' x 3.5'

Lifetime  6 x 3.5 Best Plastic Bike Shed

Great UK choice for 2 or 3 bikes!

Suncast 5' x 3'

Suncast 5' x 3' Horizontal Stow Away

Great US choice for 2 or 3 bikes!

If you're in the US (where the Lifetime is unavailable), then the Suncast 5' x 3' [Amazon] is a good alternative. It's slightly smaller, but you'll definitely be able to fit 2 (and possibly even 3) bikes inside it.

And you can read more about why I like the Suncast 5' x 3' on the plastic bike shed page.

Best Plastic Sheds for 3-4 Bikes

If you've got a bit more space or need to store more bikes, then these deeper plastic sheds with sliding roofs are definitely worth the upgrade as you'll be able to wheel your bicycles straight into them!

The Suncast 6' x 4' Glidetop Storage Shed [Amazon] will allow you to store up to 4 adult bikes side by side for easy access. Read more about why I like the Suncast Glidetop on the plastic bike shed page!

Suncast 6' x 4' Glidetop

Suncast 6' x 4' Glidetop

The Suncast 6' x 4' Glidetop Shed: perfect for bicycles!

Rubbermaid 6' x 4' Slide-Lid

Rubbermaid 6' x 4' Slide-Lid

The Rubbermaid 6' x 4' Slide-Lid Shed: also perfect for bicycles! 

The Rubbermaid 6' x 4' Slide-Lid Storage Shed is almost identical in size and function to the Suncast. But I think the way you lock it (with a metal hasp), is actually slightly more secure.

You can also read more about the Rubbermaid 6' x 4' Slide-Lid on the plastic bike shed page. 

Best Wooden Bike Sheds: Economy

While cheap wooden bike sheds are nearly always a false economy, if you hunt around a bit, you can find decent quality sheds at bargain prices.

And the Forest 6'6 x 2'7 Bike Storage Shed is just that!

The Forest 6'6 x 2'7 is the best economy wooden bike shed

With a 28 x 28 mm thick frame, the Forest isn’t as sturdy as the Power wooden sheds, below (which are built with a 44 x 28 mm frame). But it features good quality, 12 mm shiplap (tongue and groove) cladding which is unusual on a cheaper bike shed.

The timber is FSC approved, pressure treated and guaranteed not to rot for 15 years. And with extra wide doors you’ll have no problems getting up to three bikes in and out.

Although, if you want to store anything else in there, 2 bikes is probably the limit, space wise.

The door hinges are hidden which is great for security. And while the hasp and staple that secures the door, doesn’t come with a padlock, that gives you the chance to get something really decent to keep the thieves out!

Delivery is free for most of the UK. And if you get it from Buy Sheds Direct, they even offer an installation service.

It really is great value for money. In fact, for the price I don’t think there’s a better wooden bike shed currently available!

Best Wooden Bike Sheds: Mid-Range

Power bike sheds come in a 2 different styles (pent or apex roofs) and 5 different sizes (for 1-6 bikes)!

They're really well made, easy to put together, they're guaranteed for 10 years, and will last for up to 25 years if you look after them properly. Plus the customer service you'll get from Power is exceptional.

Power Shed: Best Wooden Bike Shed

Power Sheds make the best mid priced wooden bike storage shed

If you need a really secure storage shed, then you'll need to do some work on them (change the hinge fittings for security screws and add an extra lock). But these are cheap and easy mods that anyone will be able to do.

I think Power sheds are a great choice if you're looking for a high quality wooden shed that won't break the bank. Read more about Power sheds in the wooden bike shed page.

Best Wooden Bike Sheds: High-End

If you're looking for the best wooden bike shed money can buy, then, you've got to consider The Bike Shed Company.

Bike Shed Company Best Wooden Shed

Bike Shed Company make the best high-end wooden bike storage shed

Apart from their completely bespoke service, their bike sheds come in five different styles:

  1. Pedalbase
  2. Spokeshed (like the Pedalbase, but taller, with a storage shelf above the bike area)
  3. BikeBay (designed to fit around bay windows!)
  4. Roll-in Shed (roll your bikes forward into the shed)
  5. V-Shed (hang your bikes vertically)

All of these styles (except the BikeBay), are available in different sizes, in order to accommodate 3, 4, 5 or 6 bikes. 

They're all built like tanks. There are plenty of security features already included. And the delivery includes onsite assembly and installation.

What more could you want? Find out more about The Bike Shed Company sheds on the wooden bike shed page! 

Similar in style, but a little bit cheaper, are the bike sheds from Brighton Bike Sheds. These are available in four different styles:

  1. Classic
  2. Slot-in (roll your bikes forward into the shed)
  3. Vertical (hang your bikes vertically)
  4. Cargo (designed for larger bikes, also roll in)
Brighton Bike Sheds Classic

The Classic form Brighton Bike Sheds

All their sheds are configurable with different options. So, they are available in six different sizes, to accommodate between one and six bikes. You can choose from six different types of wooden cladding from (a dark charred larch to a light pine).

You can also tweak the size upwards or outwards slightly, from the fixed heights and widths. And even add side storage for your accessories, or bin and log storage.

Best of all, you can choose to have a living roof, planted with Sedum, which looks great and will attract insects. If you don't fancy that, you can have course also have a standard felt roof.

Like the Bike Shed Company sheds, all the Brighton sheds come pre-fitted with a range of bolts, locks and security features.

But I particularly like the 32 mm thick galvanized steel bar which is drilled into the frame, on the back wall inside the Brighton sheds. A thief would almost certainly need power tools to get past it, so it's a great addition!

Slightly more specialized, and also significantly more expensive, are the bike storage boxes from Bikebox Works. These are designed to replace the walls at the perimeter of Victorian terraced house front gardens!

Bikebox Works Bike Storage Shed

Bikebox storage replaces the front garden wall!

So they are pretty niche. But there are a hell of a lot of Victorian terraces in the UK, they tend to be in built up areas, where there are lots of cyclists, and there is usually very little space to store a bike (either inside the building or in the front garden).

All of which means that the Bikebox solution, although quite drastic, makes a lot of sense!

Despite how attractive they are, you will probably need planning permission to knock your front wall and replace it with a bike storage box! And that demolition of a wall and preparation of the ground will cost extra.

So it's a big job. If you can't or won't take on such a significant change, then Bikework do offer a stand-alone option which can be fitted behind your wall (if you have enough room), and is much cheaper.

Either way, it's an interesting option and I love the oxidized metal finish and the fact that you can plant a considerable amount of greenery on the roof!

Best Metal Bike Sheds: Mid Range

As far as I know, the Duramax Bicycle Store [Amazon] is the only mid price metal shed that's specifically designed for bikes! 

Duramax Bicycle Store

The Duramax Bicycle Store in the best mid price metal bike shed

It's deep enough to store up to four bicycles, head on, so accessing the bikes is as simple as wheeling them in or out of the shed. And there are four ramps that can be set at different heights so that the handlebars of the bikes don't clash.

The metal sheets are thicker than the average metal sheds (for extra strength and security). And it comes with a decent integrated lock. Plus there are air vents to prevent condensation.

You'll need to put aside some time to put it together. But if you're looking for an affordable, metal bike shed for four bikes, it's a hard to think of anything better! Read more about the Duramax on the metal bike shed page.

Best Metal Bike Sheds: High End

The most secure bike sheds are made from metal. And Asgard make the most secure metal bike sheds. This means an Asgard bike shed is really, really secure! 

Asgard 7 x 3 bike shed

Asgard make the most secure bike storage shed currently available

Their metal panels are thicker than other sheds. Their locks are stronger than other sheds. Their hinges are better protected than other sheds. So all in all, they're pretty much impregnable!

Asgard bike sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, accommodating anywhere between 1 and 12 bicycles. I've chosen the Asgard 7' x 3' here which can store up to 4 bikes.

It features an integrated metal floor (which is unusual in metal sheds), easy access through front doors and gas assisted roof, and a 10 year anti-rust guarantee.

You can read more about Asgard sheds and how they compare to the high security bike sheds from Trimetals in the metal bike shed page.

Best Bike Shed: The Competition

If you don't like my recommendations, or you're looking for something bigger to store more than 4 bikes, you can check out the competition in the table below.

The measurements are in centimetres. The first number is external, the second one (in brackets) is internal.




ext (int)


ext (int)


ext (int)

Num of



Power 6 x 2 pent shed









Power 6 x 2 apex shed









Asgard 3 x 6 shed









Asgard 6 x 3 shed









Keter 5 x 3









Suncast 5 x 3









Rowlinson 6 x 3 shed









BillyOh 6 x 3 shed









Trimetals 6 x 3 shed









Waltons 7 x 3 shed









T.Mullen 6 x 3 shed






Power 6 x 3 pent shed









Power 6 x 3 apex shed









Pedalbase 6 x 3 shed






Lifetime 6 x 3.5









Dunster House 6 x 3 shed









Yardmaster 6 x 4 shed








BillyOh 6 x 4 pent shed









BillyOh 6 x 4 apex shed









Suncast 6 x 4









Rubbermaid 6 x 4









Rubbermaid Roughneck 6 x 4









Upromax 6 x 4









Asgard 7 x 3 access shed







3-4 (29")


Asgard 7 x 3 e-bike shed







3 (electric)


Duramax 6 x 6 shed









Power 6 x 4 pent shed









Pedalbase  6 x 4 shed






Power 6 x 4 apex shed









Pinelap 7 x 4 shed






Casart 7 x 4 shed








Yardmaster 8 x 4 shed








Power 6 x 5 pent shed









Power 6 x 6 pent shed









Suncast 6 x 8 shed









Keter 8 x 6






Rubbermaid 7 x 7









Keter 9 x 7









Suncast 8 x 10









Building your Bike Shed

Whichever bike shed you choose, someone’s got to build it! If it’s a plastic shed, then you should be able to put it together yourself, very easily, in 2 or 3 hours max. That’s one of the great things about plastic sheds!

If it’s a wooden shed, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to do yourself in an afternoon. A Power wooden bike shed for example, shouldn’t take more than 4 hours at most. And remember, the better quality the shed, the easier and quicker it will be to put together. Another reason not to skimp!

Building a wooden bike shed

A wooden bike shed should take 2 - 4 hours to build.

Metal sheds are another thing altogether. They can be quite challenging, and a difficult one could take two people up to two days to put together.

However, most shed stores offer the option of installation as well as delivery. And if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to build a shed yourself, or you just don’t fancy it, this is definitely something worth investigating.

Of course if you're a bit more confident and competent in your DIY skills (or you just want to save money), you could make your own bike shed. There are plenty of plans and video tutorials online and if you have the tools and are prepared to put the time in, it could be worth it!

Shed Base/Foundation

Unless you put your new bike shed on a perfectly level patio or driveway, then you’re also going to have to install a shed base. This is the foundation that your shed will sit on, to keep it level and away from moisture.

If you don’t build the shed on a level base, it will be difficult to put together (because nothing will line up properly) and once it is built, it will be wonky, which can make it difficult to open and close the door and even cause any windows in the shed to shatter!

What’s more, a wonky shed will be structurally unsound and this will seriously shorten it’s useful life...

A wonky shed won't last long

If you don’t keep the shed away from moisture, wooden sheds will quickly start to rot and will fall apart very quickly.

And while plastic and (to a lesser extent), galvanised metal sheds aren’t as susceptible to water damage themselves, if they sit on wet ground, the air inside the shed becomes moist, which will damage your bike frame and components.

So a solid, level base that keeps your shed away from the ground is absolutely essential!

There are several different types of shed bases available, the most popular being: wooden frames, paving slabs, plastic shed base kits and concrete slabs. And they all have advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding how they all work and how to install them, can influence where you decide to put your bike shed. So it’s worth reading my guide to shed bases before you commit to a specific bike shed.

Bike Shed Summary

If you need to store your bicycles outside, then a decent bike shed is the best way to do it. It will keep them protected from the weather, safe from thieves and should help you use your bikes in a more stress free way.

Which shed you choose will depend on how much space you have, how many bikes you want to store in it, and which material best meets your security and aesthetic requirements.

Plus don't forget how much effort you're prepared to put in to it's construction and maintenance!

I recommend that you think very carefully about the security aspect. Your bikes are much more likely to be stolen from your yard or garden than from inside your home or even your garage.

So if you choose a wooden shed, please look into the relatively simple ways you can massively boost their security.

If you choose a plastic shed, make sure the lock fixings aren't made from plastic. And in fact, there's a few things you can do to boost plastic shed security too...

Make sure you secure your bikes in the shed using a sensible locking technique and a good bike lock. A strong chain and a ground anchor is the best way to go here, but there are other options. 

And don't forget you'll need to prepare a level, dry base to put your shed on (ideally before you buy it!).

Do you use any of the sheds in this page to store your bikes? How are they doing? Do you have any tips for choosing a bike shed that I've overlooked?

Let me know in the comments below!

This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. You will not pay any extra. More details here.

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I've had bikes stolen in London, New York and Barcelona. Yep, I was a serial, international, bike theft victim. In 2015 I decided to stop the rot. And not a single bike's been stolen since! Brakes, yes. Bells, yes. But they're another story. Everything I learn, I document on this website. More about my story. Contact me. LinkedIn.

  • This was exactly the detailed and thought out information I was looking for! We are a family of 6 with 8 bikes (maybe a few more). The garage is dominated by bike storage. We are looking for a storage shed that will keep the kids bikes protected from sun and moisture exposure and be easy enough for them to get in and out without help if an adult. Thank you for taking the time to research and present in such an organized way! Think we are going with the plastic Keter 6×8 or 9×7.
    Thank you!

    • I’m glad you found it helpful Asami 🙂

      That’s a lot of bikes!

      I’m sure the Keter will do the job, let us know how it works out…

  • So many options! I’ve been using a big tarp to cover my outside bicycles, although that doesn’t provide the amount of protection that a shed would and it can be annoying to remove it (and keep it in place when the wind blows!). I’ve been thinking about trying to just get a covering for the bikes but not an entire shed. Do you think a roof like cover would be sufficient for protecting bikes or would that not be enough?

    • Hi Dylan,

      I think it’s probably better than a tarp as there’s likely to be less damp and condensation which will damage the components over time.

      Obviously not as good as a good shed that can keep it even drier.

      But if you’ve got a brick wall it should be pretty easy to build out a roof to do a reasonable job for much less money (and effort).

      Let us know how you get on if you do try to build something!


  • Are there any bike sheds that suspend the bikes from the top, so they don’t sit on their tires for extended periods of time (winter)?
    Also, are these sheds able to survive cold and snowy winters while still protecting the bikes inside?

    • Hi Stuart,

      I haven’t come across any! You could probably create your own quite easily though…

      You could get a wooden shed and then simply screw hooks into the roof beams and hang the bike off those?

      If you look on the bike storage ideas page, there are several options that allow you to suspend bikes from the ceiling.

      But they’re more designed for garages than sheds I think.

      A good wooden shed will be strong enough to survive cold and snowy winters. But they’re not cheap!

      Where are you based?


  • I’m looking for a secure bike storage shed for 10 adult bikes to service the needs of a small apartment block. Does anyone in the UK manufacture these?

  • Thank you for your very detailed information, I am looking for storage for my beach cruiser and my adult tricycle with large rear basket and am finding it difficult. Now I have read your article it has made it a little easier to choose, I think I will be looking at the plastic options and if I must maybe 2 bike stores will be an option to look at. Thank you

  • Hi There,

    I’m so glad to have found this. Thank you for being so in-depth.

    Do you know of any fairly cheap ones that would fit one bike? Preferably something like the Asgard 3’x6’2 one.

    I live in London and space is a huge issue in my house, so I only have a small area outside the front where I can fit the box.

    Also, just a heads up that your links to some of the sheds no longer work.

    • Hi Jay,

      You want a metal one? I don’t think you’re going to find a cheap metal shed, even for just 1 bike.

      And in the front garden in London it’s going to have to be pretty secure right?

      It’s tricky. Will you be able to install a ground anchor?

      Maybe get one of the smaller plastic ones? Or the smallest Power shed?

      Thanks for the heads up on the links, I’m going to be updating the article in the next few weeks (with some extra options too).

      But the problem is secure options aren’t cheap!



  • Carl,

    I live in the United States (Arizona) and I have 4-5 bikes I would like to store in our backyard. Our yard is not that big, so attractiveness (no Rubbermaid or metal because of the heat in Arizona) is high on the list. All the good bike storage solutions seem to be in the UK and not here in the US.

    I’m assuming if I purchased from overseas, I would be paying a ton for shipping, so I’m thinking that is not an option for me.

    If you have any suggestions for a US purchase, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Thieves export stolen bikes from our area so we need a very secure shed to free up garage space. It seems that a lot of the brands you list are not available in USA. Any suggestions?

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