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Bike Security

National Bike Registry (US)
A US program from the National Crime Prevention Council. You pay a small fee to register the serial number of your bike. They send you a special tamper proof label to apply to your bike. If your bike is stolen and then recovered by the police, they can identify and return it.

Bike Register (UK)
This UK program allows you to add your bike to the National Cycle Database for free. The police use this database to check the ownership of any stolen bikes they recover. Members of the public can also use it to check any bikes they are offered for sale. They also sell security kits to mark your bike as registered and warn thieves off.

Stolen Bikes UK
This is fantastic UK resource. If your bike’s been stolen you can add the details to alert the thousands of people who use the website. You can also check a round up of all the bikes listed for sale on the UKs most popular websites to see if your stolen bike is listed. And you can check the frame number of any bike you’re offered to check whether it’s been reported as stolen. Great stuff!

Cycling Resources

International Bicycle Fund
Promotes bicycle transportation worldwide, especially in less developed areas. Activities include: urban planning, rural mobility, economic development, safety education, environmental quality and responsible tourism program.


BikeBerry is a purveyor of regular bikes and accessories, e-bikes and even motorised bicycles. They’re based in California USA, but they’ll ship worldwide. I didn’t even know motorised bikes were a thing. But they are. And they look great. Check them out!

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