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Lobster Lock Preview

The Lobster Lock is an innovative new bike lock that owes it’s name to the way that it’s two arms envelop your bike (and whatever your bike’s secured to), much like the claws of a large, hungry crustacean! However the folding arms aren’t the most interesting thing about this lock. The most interesting thing is actually […]

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A Combination Bike Lock: Is it really less secure?

The short answer is: yes! Locks that you open with a code are generally less secure than locks that require a key. But why is this and does it mean we should avoid combination bike locks altogether? Well, not necessarily. Let’s look at this in more detail… So, just to be clear: combination bike locks are the ones with a several […]

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The Foldylock Clipster: even easier to carry!

I’m a big fan of the Foldylock Compact. It’s light, easy to use and offers very reasonable Sold Secure Silver levels of protection for medium risk situations. It’s also very easy to carry. The frame mount that comes with the Foldylock can screw directly into those holes on your down tube that are designed for […]

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