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In the map (and table) below, you will find 160 American bicycle brands that continue to make bikes in the USA. You can filter the list by bike type and frame material to help find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you know of any other bikes that are made in the USA, add a comment and I will add them to the list!

At the bottom of the page, there are two more tables: 1) bikes assembled in the USA, and 2) American bike brands that make their bikes entirely abroad.


What does “made in the USA” mean?

To be labelled “Made in the USA”, the Federal Trade Commission states that: “all or virtually all” the product must have been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin.

This seems a bit vague and open to interpretation to me.

But there is clearly a difference between manufactured in the USA and assembled in the USA.

Bikes that are assembled in the USA, are made from frames and components that are manufactured overseas and then imported and put them together in USA-based factories.

Whereas, bikes that are manufactured in the USA, are made with frames that created in the USA. Some of the other components may be manufactured in the USA as well. But it’s unlikely (impossible) that some of the components won’t be manufactured abroad.

Bike made in the USA
What does “Manufactured in USA” really mean?

So in my list, the distinction is the frame. If the frame is made in the USA, I consider the bike to be made in the USA.

That’s not to say that bike that are assembled in the USA are somehow inferior. They are still creating local jobs. A good example is the Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA). But by my definition, these bikes are not strictly made in the USA.

Note: although the frame of any bike may be made in the USA, the material it is made from may well be imported. Aluminum and carbon fiber are likely to come from China . Titanium will come from China or Russia. Only steel is likely to come from the USA.

160 American Bike Brands made in the USA

Are all their bikes made in the USA?

Not always. Some of the brands listed above sell bikes that are made outside the USA alongside bikes that are made in the USA. Most of the time this is clearly indicated on their website, but not always.

Make sure you ask to be clear!

What are “custom” bikes?

You can filter the list above to show brands that offer “custom” bikes. In this case, “custom” means bespoke frames. And this means that the bike brand will make a frame with custom geometry to your particular measurements.

It doesn’t mean you can customize your frame with different colors or choose specific components to customize your bike (although this service is offered by several of the brands in the list).

14 American Bike Brands Assembled in the USA

44 American Bike Brands made outside the USA

Have any missed any bikes from these lists? Let me know in the comments below and I will add them!

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  • I’d say Wyatt bikes should be on this list. I could give you a string of emails where they state the US location that the aluminum is made and sourced from.

  • Also Guardian bikes. They are the sole upscale kids bike manufacturer trying to bring manufacturing back to the US. So far they have a plant in Indiana assembling bikes here and this year frames and paint will be made and sourced here. I have a string of emails on this too.

    • Great, I have added them to the “Assembled in the USA” table, and when they start frame production as well, I will move them onto the other table and the map. Thanks!

  • Awesome list. As a bike shop owner, we save to sell domestic products but it’s difficult because of brand recognition. Most consumers have never heard of anyone on the USA made list.
    Also, isn’t Sun Bikes made in Miami?

  • Emory Manufacturing Corporation

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