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In the map and table below, there are 34 Canadian bicycle brands that still make some or all of their bikes in Canada. Filter the list by bike type and the frame material, to help find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you know of any other bikes that are still made in Canada, please add a comment and I will append them to the list!

At the bottom of the page, there are two more tables: 1) Canadian bike brands that assemble their bikes in Canada using imported components, and 2) Canadian bike brands that make their bikes entirely overseas.


What does “made in Canada” mean?

In order for a product to be labeled “made in Canada”, Canadian regulations require two conditions:

  1. The last substantial transformation of the good must occur in Canada
  2. That at least 51% of the total direct costs of creation must be incurred in Canada.

It seems to me that these conditions would probably allow both bikes that are assembled in Canada from components that are all imported from overseas, and bikes where the frame is manufactured in Canada to be labeled “made in Canada”.

Which seems a little unfair, as to me, there is a clear distinction between the two ways of making a bike.

There is another label, “product of Canada” which imposes the same conditions, but bumps up the requirement of the total direct costs of creation to 98%. But that condition is so restrictive it might preclude most bikes where the frame is made in Canada.

So it seems to me we should make a clear distinction between manufactured and assembled. And in my lists, what defines that distinction is the frame, which is the most important component of any bike

If the frame is made in Canada, I consider the bike to be made in Canada. If the frame is imported separately, I consider the bike assembled in Canada. And if the frame is imported with most or all of the components already attached, it’s made overseas.

34 Canadian bike brands that make their bicycles in Canada

Do these brands make all their bikes in Canada?

Sometimes not. Some of the brands listed above sell bikes that are made outside Canada, alongside bikes that are made in Canada. Usually this is clearly indicated on their website, but not always.

And it’s always better to ask them directly, as things can change!

What are Custom bikes?

One of the filters in the map and the tables, is for “custom” bikes. In this case, “custom” means bespoke frames. This means that the bike brand will create a frame that is “made to measure”, with custom geometry specifically for you.

It doesn’t mean you can customize your frame with different colors or choose specific components to customize your bike (although this service is offered by several of the brands in the list).

8 Canadian bike brands that assemble their bikes in Canada

15 Canadian bike brands that are made overseas

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